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Our 2018 winner is Ali Bracken Ziad.  

Ali is currently working on a debut chapbook and is a regular attendee of Ó Bhéal.  He is the current Munster Slam champion and finished fourth in the National Slam Poetry Championship.  We are delighted to support Ali in his creative writing career and believe he will be an excellent ambassador for the scholarship.  Ali's submission is published here:
Ali Bracken Ziad

Desert Optics

Look at the doll take care of the doll
The doll has no eyes,
There are two olive-black pits
where the doll's eyes should be,
Take care of it
Hold its hand
Not that hand
It is a nude descending
A nude on a staircase.

Look at the doll take care of the doll
The doll has no eyes,
There are six buttons on the doll's chemise
Two are missing;
Three and four
Not that hand
The other hand
That hand is on.
There's a hand ahead of your step
A hand on the floor
Most dolls have ten fingers
This doll has eleven
Five on the floor
Six in your hand.

Look at the doll take care of the doll
The doll has no eyes,
The five on the floor are quick
A hand with five legs
The hand with five legs
stops when you stop,
It turns and looks at
you with no eyes.
We know it looked.
It jumps, clicks its thumb
and middle finger,
You move again; commanded.
Step stair step and stare.

Look at the doll take care of the doll
The doll has no eyes,
The doll has stopped walking,
 You look,
Its neck turns in your direction,
A hand appears in the eye sockets,
A thumb outward from socket left,
A middle finger from socket right,
It clicks its fingers in shattered bridge bone,
It breaks out through the doll's face
And throws itself at your neck.

Look at the doll take care of the doll
For the doll has no eyes.

<![CDATA[2018 Runner Up - Melanie Butler O'Reilly]]>Mon, 07 May 2018 11:32:26 GMThttp://eoinmurray.org/the-scholars/2018-runner-up-melanie-butler-oreilly
Our 2018 runner up for the Eoin Murray Memorial Scholarship is Melanie Butler O'Reilly. 

Melanie already has an impressive writing CV including publications in Quarryman and The Motley She writes both poetry and short stories dealing with themes such as loss ('Balloons in July'), mental health ('Bridges'), and the act of moving on ('Drinking to Death').  We look forward to seeing Melanie's writing career develop and congratulate her on being runner-up in a very competitive group of emerging writers.  We publish her submission here:
Melanie Butler O'Reilly

The Last Supper

I sit front and centre

hands spread, a victim of your choices.

The red wine stains my lips

swirls in my mouth like poison.

Twelve different voices crowd my ears

this is goodbye, but we do not know it yet.

If I could climb inside my own artwork, I would

change the past, present and future.

The moment I announce the betrayal

of all we have worked for, beautiful chaos.

You clench your fist and withdraw

A pretty penny was your price, so easily bought.

You took me here, you see, to Italy

where we could sit and marvel at what remains

each stroke of Da Vinci's masterpiece eroded

just as our own has been.

We do not take the Father's name in vain in our house

instead, we find receipts for jewellery our mother never received. 

You are our Judas Iscariot

now the red wine stains the table cloth with blood

you will not climb a hill to place your head in a noose. 

Yet still I pray for the resurrection, the salvation

of your name disappearing from the divorce papers.

Jesus Christ.

(It was all in vain.)